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That Lawyer Dude

Your commentary on the Scott case was well done, until you noted Judge Kozinski was a Regan appointment. Are you implying that only democrat presidents appoint freedom loving judges? If so, you truly do not understand the term conservative. Freedom, liberty, and the right to pursue one's life without government's unlawful interference are the touchstones of a real conservative's ideology. You confuse neo-conservatives (who are usually just disgruntled liberals) with conservatives for whom civil liberties mean in part no unnecessary government interference. Recognition of the difference here will easily explain the difference in the Hamdi and Scott opinions.


My post did not at all address the issue of which presidents appoint which kind of judges. I made the reference to Kozinski's appointment by Reagan only to show how the definition of a conservative has shifted over the years.

That Lawyer Dude

That is my point. The definition of conservative has not changed, the definition of disgruntled liberal has changed. It is now called a neo-conservative. Look at a guy like McCain. He is not a liberal. He is conservative. Just like Goldwater who was pretty libertarian. Take a look at Rep. Peter King the new head of the house Homeland Security committee. He is not well liked among the Neo-conservatives because he does not accept their social agenda. These guys are just as much about censorship as political correct liberals. Real conservatives do not get bogged down in living the lives of others. Their mantra is more don't tread on me.

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